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CATEGORIES site link description features
Introduces the main characters and their relationships. Selective portrayal and interaction in a two shot
Some of the significant events in the narrative drama Feels Like Rain. Still shots, backstory and dialogue for the scene depicted.
A brief (90 seconds) teaser about deception, revenge and murder. Highlights the main characters and introduces the conflicts. QuickTime 5 required.



  • story
Exposition: Establishes the setting and introduces the characters. Slide shows with thumbnails and larger photos, highlighting scenes in the movie. Each page includes narrative.
Development: Reveals conflicts and twists in the plot.
Resolution: Resolves the conflicts, solves the mystery.
  • characters
Concise profile of Sharon and Bob Ludwell, son Jeff; Louise Bannock, Mark Skidlock Images from the movie and description of the main characters.
The characters who have brief speaking parts Head shots and names of each character shown
Non speaking, stand ins Group shots and list of names
  • credits
Showcases the five actors in the leading roles:Kathy Dignan, Robert James, C.J. Riddell, Anna Hadzi, Tom Stewart. Supporting actors also mentioned. Photographs and brief statements about the main actors. More information in the Presskit.
Diana E. Beatty, writer, producer, director; Stephen W. Beatty, composer. Assistants: Cindy Ergenbright, Peter Johnson, Jim Riddell. Snapshots of production crew for the independent film, shot in forty-five days on location in suburbia. Profiles of Diana E. Beatty and Stephen W. Beatty.
16 locations with special thanks to people who gave permision. Photographs of commercial sites and complete list of all the locations.
  • new
Most recent clip from the movie Feels Like Rain. Video clips with backstory commentary plays until a newer clip is released; then filed in Archives
  • archives
Candids of characters in the story. Slide show with thumbnails, enlarged images
Part of a scene from the movie. Quicktime Player 5 required for the clips and episodes. Duration and load times vary.
Scenes from the movie, available soon.
  • order
Movie and music for sale and rental DVD of the movie Feels Like Rain and CD of the sound track available soon.

Contents include photos, bios, production notes, statements, interviews, lists of credits.

Photos and text documents.
Information about rights of use. Agreement statement
  • Help
Information and links to pages in the site Color coded categories with site link, description and features.
User can request information about new releases. Contact Registration form and email addresses
Information about Iridisc Digital Media, LLC and oter related sites. Links to other sites, including Iridisc Digital Media, LLC
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Introduces new movie, and categories for Feels Like Rain. Interactive elements, images, text
  • splash
Poster with picture from the new film Feels Like Rain written produced and directed by Diana E. Beatty Photograph of Kathy Dignan and her son